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Dnipropetrovsk National University
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Name: Dnipropetrovsk National University
Founded in 1918
Property form: State
Status: National
Level of accreditation: IV


Contact information

13,Naukova str., dnipropetrvsk, ukraine, 49050 
Tel: +38(0562) 373 - 67 - 90
Fax: +38(056) 373-67-81


Statistic information
Total number of students –
Number of foreign students –
Number of students on day-time department
Number of students on extramural department
Total number of post-graduate students
Number of post-graduate foreign students
Number of branches
Total number of teachers
Number of Candidates of science and senior lecturers -
Number of Doctors of science and  professors  –


Dnipropetrovsk National University was founded in 1918 and at present it is one of the most famous and prestigious higher institutions of Ukraine.

 The university comprises 2 institutes, 4 higher education institutions of the first and second level of accreditation, 15 faculties, 56 research laboratories, 3 research institutes (Biology, Geography, Power Engineering), the Faculty of Distance and Part-time Education, the Faculty of Additional Occupations, the Institute of Pre-college and Postgraduate Studies, preparatory courses, Regional Center of Continuous Education "Prydniprovye" including 12 colleges and technical schools, 60 schools, 21 lyceums and the gymnasia.

Academic and research processes at the University are provided at the level which is up to the best home and world standards. More than 1200 teachers including 135 doctors of science, professors and about 700 candidates of science, assistant professors work at DNU. Among the teachers of the university there is 1 Academician of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; 2 corresponding members of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; 9 academicians of Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine; 26 academicians of branch academies; 11 academicians and 11 corresponding members of academies overseas.

 Being a big educational and research center, DNU provides training of all qualification levels: Master's degree, Specialist's degree, Bachelor's degree. Basing on the license the university provides training more than 15 thousand students in 85 specialities. It prepares researchers and university teachers at the post-graduate and doctor of science courses. One can obtain the second higher education.

Dnipropetrovsk National University boasts its enormous army of alumni. For the whole period of the university functioning about a hundred thousand specialists without whom one could hardly fancy any sphere of our life have been prepared. Among them there are statesmen, public figures, heads of enterprises and institutions of science and culture, schools, commercial enterprises; famous scientists, teachers, journalists.

According to the decision of the Intersectorial Accreditation Collegium and to the order of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk National University has been accredited as a higher institution of the 4-th level of accreditation.

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